Welcome to Chaos

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. The purpose of this blog is to let you share in the random bits of crazy that define my life. In a former version of me I was a successful engineer. Then children happened. Now I’m a stay-at-home over-achieving under-achiever and part time single mom to three. The husband, the mature sane half, travels a good bit for work so a large portion of the week I’m forced into the role of responsible adult. Something I have never been very good at. It is usually when I am trying to fill those shoes that the chaos happens.

The Cast:

Me: See above. I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting and pretty much all things creative.
I suck at cooking.

The husband: Brilliant. Responsible. Mature. Techno-guru. Master chef. Probably the least responsible thing he has ever done in his life is marry me. Twelve plus years later and he’s still smiling so we must be doing something right.

Sam: (A.K.A. Sam-the-man) Born in 2007. He is scary smart and will be the one to lead the “lets put Momma in a home” charge in later years. Like when he’s 8. A planner to the bone he wants to know what is happening every second of the day all before 7:00 am.

Henry: (A.K.A. Turkey or Naked-man) Born in 2009. He is a living breathing cartoon from his gravity defying hair to his ability to play with imaginary toys in his sleep. Life is never dull when the Turkey is around.

Julia: (A.K.A. Sweet Pea or Priss Pot) Born in 2011. Independent. Stubborn. Fearless. Outspoken, for someone that doesn’t actually talk yet. She is definitely going to keep me busy.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Chaos

  1. BLESS YOU Judy for taking time out of your overflowing days to write this blog for all to enjoy. I have long adored your FB posts; to me, this is an expanded version of them. LOVE. You have a serious gift putting the pen to paper, or in modern day terms the fingers to the keyboard XOXO

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